• Cañonazos


    Toro/Maduro (Lush) (52 x 6)

    This is a Canon Bomb, a bullet full of intense flavors for those who enjoy powerful cigars. This blend, without getting on the over aggressive range, is one that will be noticed and appreciated by those who love the classic tobacco flavors.


    Smoking time 45-65 minutes

  • Colosal


    Gordo/Maduro (Lush) 60×6

    The Colossal embodies the history and experience of generations of cigar rollers. Designed for those with a discerning taste, a different Maduro is born. Combining mellow and high flavors in the same product, it is the result of long blending sessions aimed at finding the distinctive product that defines a master roller.


    Smoking time 60-100 minutes


  • Don Alejandro


    Extra Torpedo/Habano (Natural) 54 x 6.5

    This Extra Pyramid is a tribute to the most iconic figure of the Tobacco Industry in Cuba: Alejandro Robaina. Rolled with the highest quality standards, it is a go-to cigar for the expert smoker and comes in a bigger format than the “Unico” design by The Godfather of Cuban Cigars.


    Smoking time: 55-90 minutes.

  • Elegido


    Supremo/Maduro (Lush) 56×6.5

    It is the perfect option for those who love high intensity flavors in a large cigar. Elegidos (Chosen Ones) combine an aged tobacco flavor with a slightly salty note. They provide a clear idea of what an intense cigar should be without overwhelming the palate of the smoker.

    Smoking Time: 50-90 minutes

  • Elemental


    Robusto/Connecticut (Luxcious) (50×5)

    An Elemental shall never displease. It was conceived with a specific type of smoker in mind: the kind who has never enjoyed the pleasure of a cigar. Without a trace of aggressiveness, the “Elemental” will leave a great sensation on your palate.

    Smoking time: 30-45 minutes

  • Misticos


    Supremo/Connecticut (Luxcious) 56×6.5

    Without a doubt, this is the most enigmatic product of the Clandestinos lineup. At first, you encounter a smooth cigar with earthy notes. Then, it transitions to notes of cocoa and nuts without interfering with the joy of this magical creation. The Místico is the epitome of what the Luxcious Blend is: the favorite of many.

    Smoking Time: 50-90 minutes

  • Predilectos


    Toro/Habano (Natural) 52 x 6

    The Predilectos (Favorites), as their name implies, are the preferred choice of the creator of Clandestinos Cigars. A cigar with an amazing balance of strength, size, and flavor, it is perfect for any occasion. It is, in a few words, the convergence of sensations that all cigars should have.


    Smoking time: 45-65 minutes.

  • Prohibido


    Robusto/Habano (Natural) 50 x 5

    The Prohibidos (Forbidden) got their name from the words of one of their first tasters. “It should be Forbidden to create a cigar with such a nice flavor in a small format.” That phrase perfectly defines what the Forbidden is all about: a delightful flavor in a short smoke for those who do not have the time to enjoy a longer one.

    Smoking Time: 30-45 minutes.
  • Saint Petersburg


    Toro/Connecticut (Luxcious) 52 x 6

    The Saint Pete, like the famous city, will captivate and amaze the cigar aficionado. It offers a mild blend with plenty of character that is usually missing from smooth cigars. This smoke will leave you an aromatic scent without ever becoming spicy or sour. With its earthy taste, it is the perfect smoke for the sophisticated and modern cigar smoker alike.


    Smoking Time: 45-65 minutes 
  • Veguero


    Robusto/Maduro (Lush) 50 x 5

    The Veguero (Tobacco Farmer) is the classic morning cigar of those who, with love and care, grow the leaves that are later enjoyed by the cigar aficionados. Full of vivid flavors, this is the perfect smoke for those who need to enjoy a cigar with a bold personality in a short amount of time. This is our humble tribute to their traditions.

     Smoking Time: 30-45 minutes.